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What Is Freeze Level?

In MetaTrader, the freeze level is the minimum distance in pips, measured from the current spot price (Bid/Ask), to be attained to trigger a temporary ban on modifying, deleting or closing the orders, which are near to execution. Thus, a pending order, which is away from the current market price at a distance equal to or within the freeze level, cannot be modified, deleted or prematurely closed. As it can be understood, freeze level, which is […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Neteller in Forex Industry

What Is Neteller? Neteller is an online payment service that was launched in 1999. It is currently operated by Optimal Payments Plc, a company located in Douglas, Isle of Man. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (registered under reference number 900015). It is a convenient way to electronically transfer funds between persons, and between customers and businesses. To transfer funds between Neteller accounts, a customer […]

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Day Trading Renko Charts — a Profitable Approach to Trading

This is a guest blog post provided by Most traders who go about trying their luck with forex trading often fall prey to the usual tried and tested approach which in reality seems like the usual point of entry to forex. There are numerous websites that sell or giveaway a ‘remarkable’ trading system promising them riches, only to fall flat on the promises. Then there are books and tons […]

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Trade and Make Money Using Traditional Indicators

The following guest blog post has been submitted by Andrew Peters – Indicators Galore The marketplace is awash with hundreds of special or custom indicators. And new ones are being made available almost weekly. No doubt they have their use and were developed for a purpose. But their presence, in addition to the standard and custom technical indicators already available on the MT4 platform, can become overwhelming and lead to trading […]

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How Inflation Affects Currency Prices­­

This is a guest blog post provided by While the current account balance can provide clues to long term movements in foreign exchange, inflation (or the general rising of prices within a country) can be used to provide medium term direction. In fact, rising or falling inflation within a country is generally the biggest factor in determining the current account balance in the first place. Higher inflation vs. lower inflation In economic theory, […]

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