Hi there,
My name is Luke Charles(not real name). I worked for IronFX from Barcelona.
This IronFX company is genuine and strictly professional but those who work for IronFX through different assigned IB are purely scam...you will lose all your valuable money that you invest through IronFX. I am not a person who likes to live by cheating people or scam people and take their valuables to have a better life.

IB Assignment : 16055643

I worked for IronFX for one year unofficially. They didnt provide me any work contract like my other 15 colleagues of mine. Every month i got a salary of 500euros plus comission for bringing the prospects to client level on board to IroFX.

In one month or two months, i had a feeling that something is not right.
My ex-boss, Alejandro Aller Blanco and his Partner(girlfriend) Celeste Villapina are the masterbrain behind this scam. Alejandro had a team of 5 trustworthy members which had different tasks from Online chat to attract clients, tapping and listening phone calls, new web development and hosting and web master who can even hack into your personal emails or intersect valuable information.
I saw with my eyes that clients from England, Germany, Dubai, Poland and more other countries suffered a big loss. A loss starting from 10k EUROs to 85k EUROS.
I have all the list of the clients who lost their money. Alejandro has got a trustworthy friend called as Rufus Metzler from Germany. Through Rufus, a lot of german clients invested and they all lost their investment after three months. Photos and videos and phone calls will be uploaded into my website soon.

There are different account services provided by IronFX but the most popular and recommended by unpofessional IronFX IB agents are PMAM (minimum 10000 GBP or USD or EURO) or basic account (with minimum balance of 100 euros or USD or GBP to upto any amount).

All these accounts are managed by one single trader Tony who has no professional work experience or certified trader for IronFX but learnt from Youtube videos.

I am determined and planned to start a blog or a website soon where i will add more infos to the public where you can find phonecalls, livechats, emails from IronFX and IB agents in Barcelona.

Again, IronFX is a good professional trading company but the problem are those who work under IronFX through different IB assignment.

I want to see those clients that lost money through trading with this IB should get their money back.

Soon i will be in touch with you through my blog and website.

Thank you